Sunday, November 11, 2012


i'm going to try once a month to document what you're doing, what you love, what you hate.  because i never ever want to forget that right this moment you loved making spider soup.
you're two, more like two & a half actually.
i'm going to attempt to catch up for the past two years, but for now we're sticking with the present.  lately you love "couch gymnastics".  it's like a trampoline and jumping mat all rolled into one and you would go at it for hours if i'd let you. 
you're crazy - and i mean that in the best sense possible.
you're energy is boundless, your sense of humor - absolutely amazing.

right now you love:
your animals, your big t-rex especially
jumping, climbing, and "couch gymnastics"
making spider soup a.k.a. playing with bowls & cooking utensils
watching scooby doo
helping me feed oliver
right now you hate:
having your diaper changed
eating dinner (or any meal that involves sitting)
sitting still.  unless your favorite t.v. show is on, you're moving!
not doing things all by yourself
i swear, you're a genius.  but then again, i'm your mom.  you speak so well.  i honestly don't know if all kids your age do, but for now i'm going with genius.  you can count to 14 and know all of your colors. 

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